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Ryan Camana MNLP, MHt, MTT, BA


From the desk of:

Ryan Camana MNLP, MTT, MHt, BA

Dear Friend,

If You’re Ready To Finally Say Goodbye To Those Outdated Sales Techniques 
Which Rarely If Ever Work… This Will Be The Most Important Letter You
’ve Ever Read…Sales Woman On Phone

I have no idea how you arrived at this site. Perhaps you heard about it from a friend, read about it in the newspaper, or just stumbled upon it by sheer luck. Whatever the reason you are in for a treat.

As you read every word of this letter, you’ll discover a rock solid, idiot proof sales formula which will finally grant you the “Midas Touch.”

You’ll soon realize developing a lazer edged tongue and a bullet proof exoskeleton isn’t necessary… or even helpful for sales success.

I know you’re sitting there, reading these words saying to yourself, “Yeah, I’ve heard the hype before,” What makes your system so different than everyone else’s PROVEN system?

How Is This Different

This is different because we’re talking about, the barest, most closely guarded secrets of human buying behavior you have never heard of.

More importantly, these specific tested tactics can be used over and over again to crush your sales goals month and month out…

Ok, there’ll be plenty of time for gloating and basking in your glory soon enough. Let’s get serious.

Before I get into exactly how this system is light years ahead of any other sales training system, I’ve got to reveal my story.

My name is Ryan Camana, and just like you I got into sales to make MONEY. In fact I started professional selling at the ripe old age of 12 selling artwork for my parent’s company.

Right from the get go I was “good” at selling. I wasn’t great by any means. You know how it is, I would have a “good” month, and then a not so “good” month.

Can You Put Yourself In this Picture?

You know those guys who seem to make their goals and then some every month.

So as my career went from selling Artwork to Cell Phones to Rental Cars to Advertising I kept asking those guys how they did it.

You know what they told me, probably the same as they told you, NOTHING EVEN REMOTELY USEFUL.

It finally came down to me being “let go” of my lucrative advertising sales job, to open my eyes.

What About You?

I had to figure out how to consistently close my prospects with a natural, confident ease TOP PRODUCERS seem born with. The lucky @#%$… (well you know how I felt).

It turned out having “Time Off” from work, was the best break ever for my sales career.

With nothing better to do then hang out at the local Mega Bookstore/Coffee Shop I stumbled upon Neuro-Linguistic Programming (or NLP for short).

I have to admit I had heard about NLP and its supposedly magical success making formulas.

Everybody knows about the celebrities who use NLP…Tony Robbins, Phil Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, and on and on…

At Last A Solution

I started reading everything I could about NLP.sales woman

If you’ve read any books on NLP you already know they are dryer than the Sahara and more confusing than your latest commission structure.

…And I was determined to grab the Eureka moment. To discover what all of these mega successful people were doing (obviously to be incredibly successful you have to be really good at persuasion and selling!)

Within a couple months study I was back at work, selling insurance.

Boy is it easy to get a job when you know NLP.

Here's the important point

I started using some of my new found NLP techniques and almost immediately found myself with a consistent 38% closing ratio …selling only over the phone!

The average close rate in my department was 18% so I was closing double the amount of prospects.

At which point I hadn’t even discovered the entire 5 step dead simple approach I am going to teach you, I was using just one incredibly easy to use technique.

I’d love to say at this point I worked like crazy and perfected the full process.

You Think I'm Exaggerating, Don't You?

For a couple of years I just skated along with my nice, consistent, what I thought was a stratospheric closing ratio.

Everyone asking me how I did it when I was so friendly and never pushy for the sale they thought I was working my tail off.

The Exact Opposite Is The Shocking Truth

sales person closing the dealThen a new guy got himself hired and sat in the desk across from me.

I didn’t think much of him. Quiet, unassuming guy. Real shy too. He wouldn’t even look me in the eye when I talked to him.

However, the man could sell! I couldn’t believe this guy who never worked any overtime …was so quiet I couldn’t even hear him talking to his prospects …and was younger than me with way less experience was taking me to the cleaners every month!

This was it. I was back on the trail to better sales with the intensity of a team of bloodhounds sniffing out the lair of a savage gang of criminals.

I mean I was obsessed.

Shockingly, this was my second lucky break.

Instead of delving back into those dry, dull as dishwater books, I decided to become a certified NLP practitioner.

And this made all the difference…

I discovered the REAL SECRETS and applied all of them to my sales.

All I could say is WOW.

“I’d have helped a lot of my prospects make better decisions more quickly. And I’d certainly be more affluent today.”

I wish I’d encountered Ryan Camana and his excellent training on NLP and conversational hypnosis much earlier in my sales career. I’d have helped a lot of my prospects make better decisions more quickly. And I’d certainly be more affluent today… “better late than never.” Ryan’s education and experience qualify him to teach this material, and the results for me and my business speak for themselves. Discovering something new has seldom been more pleasant or rewarding.

Thank you Ryan!

Joan Lewis Business Owner/Professional Author, San Jose, CA


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“What if you discovered you could feel comfortable selling, serve your customers well and provide a better standard of living for yourself and your family?”

Many people involved in sales say “Well, I am not a natural born salesperson!” and in so doing, give themselves an excuse (not a reason) to perform at a level below what they are capable of. What if you actually turned out to be a natural born salesperson? What if you discovered you could feel comfortable selling, serve your customers well and provide a better standard of living for yourself and your family? Do your customers, your family and yourself a HUGE favor and invest in the NLP Sales Course. You are a natural born salesperson… if you will just give yourself permission to be one.

Gary Megel

Fine Jewelry Sales

Ft Lauderdale, FL


Stop Struggling With Sales

sales successBy applying the 5 Step NLP Sales process, I was granted my wish for success… I want you to have this too.

Why, because I hated the fact know one taught me how easy and natural sales can be.

I resented the fact it took me years and years of practice, pain and self deprecation to uncover the secrets you will discover in a few minutes.

Are You Being Left Behind

Let me give you a simple tip you can use today to increase
 your sales.

When you’re speaking face to face with a prospect make sure to tilt your head slightly to 
the right.

Why? Prospects perceive people with a head tilt to the right as
 being more trustworthy.

Only tilt your head to the left if your going 
for a modeling gig. You’ll be seen as more attractive, and less 

This is one of the secrets the ultra successful salespeople know instinctively.

Unfortunately, the rest of us mere mortals never got the memo.

Do You Know These Tactics Are Being Used

Ask yourself, how often are you being manipulated? I know your curious.

Before I knew all of the Secrets of NLP and persuasion …Boy, I was being duped – duped.

Once you discover these techniques you’ll hear them and see them used everywhere in the media, in business, in your personal life.

FACT:  Salespeople, Some Not So Friendly, Who Know All About These NLP Techniques, Are Stealing Your Sales Right Now

These tactics you’re going to discover are not some namby-pamby techniques.

The 5 Step NLP Sales Course contains the most effective, down right dirty sales tactics which work.

I can’t even call them techniques because what you are going to practice is the exact step by step formulas used to persuade at a human beings primal buying level.

We’re talking military precision operations.

You’re going to firmly possess, the closely 
guarded ammunition you need to sell your product or service easier and 
more efficiently than ever before.

Remember I was in sales for 20 years, I know you need these specific tactics broken down with exact examples.

You don’t have the time to deal with all of the books, the hours of study, practice and testing I put into this system.

Yes I am a Globally Recognized Expert and Trainer of NLP, however, I’m not some stuffed shirt academic trainer who never fought his way to success in the sales trenches, making the calls, getting the rejections, refining my scripts, being torn down by the boss…

I’ve been there and succeeded.

If you want to master NLP I highly recommend it, if your seeking to increase your sales, this is the course you must grab now.

Just for you, I’ve condensed and/or removed all of the non-essential information.

The NLP Sales Course is jam packed with the most instantly actionable material available.

Imagine Working With Prospects Who Want To Buy Now

  • Exactly What Questions To Ask And How To Ask Them To Elicit Your Prospects Buying Formula (get this formula right, you’ll turn a leaden prospect into the golden goose get it wrong and the sale explode in your face)
  • Discover Exactly What Value Your Prospect Is Searching For (give the prospect the “value” he or she is looking for and price will almost never be a factor again)
  • How To Directly Link A Prospects Gut Wrenching Need To Your Product Or Service (watch out how you use this technique, I’ve had customers yelling their credit card number at me before finishing my pitch)
  • How To Close A Prospect With Their Own Words (no need for outdated closes which sound like bad pick up lines, use this and your prospect will assure you the sale was their idea)
  • When To Turn The Tables And Have Your Prospect Sell You On Why They Want What You’re Selling (this technique is just so FUN)
  • A Simple “Works Every Time” Way To Have Your Prospect Feel Like Your Words Are Coming Out Of His Or Her Mouth (this is a downright ultra powerful, Jedi mind trick persuasion, do not use this lightly)
  • The Simple Body Language Trick Which Puts Your Prospect Instantly At Ease (within a few minutes, they’ll feel like they’ve known you forever)
  • A Tiny Tweak In Your Presentation Helps Eliminate 90% Of Objections (this simple technique saved me hours of time dealing with those pain in the rear prospects who never bought)
  • The Infamous Judger Close: Why Your Current Close Will Only Work On Half Of Your Prospects (use this specific closing tactic to close the other half of your business)

The NLP Sales Course may not be exactly what you’re looking for if…

  • you can already sell ice to an Eskimo or talk a sheep out of its wool coat… this course PROBABLY isn’t for you.
  • you’re making all the sales you can handle, bringing in commission checks the bank holds for a week for the Feds to clear, then you might not want to claim your copy now.
  • if you’re in some magical, totally recession proof business, then don’t invest in this course today.


What's Different About the NLP Sales Course

This course is not about useless one liners, law of large numbers, or defeatist cold calling tricks.

This course is based on actual human psychological and sociological reactions, behaviors and patterns.

You may currently believe, all people are different and you have to sell a different product or service differently based on the industry.

I’m here to reveal you’re wrong. It’s a hyped up myth top sales guys force feed the newbies to make sure they don’t rise up the ranks.

People are extremely predictable and susceptible to simple unconcious commands

Once you know the SECRET WAYS of communicating these commands, you’ll be able to influence and persuade anybody you choose.

In fact, you should never use these techniques and tactics on the opposite sex …it just wouldn’t be fair.

Imagine selling not just with your words, and unconsciously commanding your prospect to buy now with your body language, tonality, your hand gestures and more…

What You Get When You Order Now…

Instant Download of The NLP Sales Course Master Manual

Finally unlock the secrets to close even the most stubborn of prospects.

“Selling is the art of making people enjoy giving you money.”




  • Condensed to the information you need now
  • Advanced writing style facilitates faster mental absorption
  • No fluff, all content
  • Exact step by step tactics
  • Finally you’ve been granted access to the Insider’s Secrets


Stop and realize you have never seen an offer like this beforre anywhere and now it gets so much better

When You Order Today, You’ll Get These Powerful Bonuses (Valued at $294)

“You Asked For It, Here It Is: Bonus Audio Recordings Of The Entire Master Manual …And Then Some ($150 value)”

*CDs for illustration only product is a downloadable course

  • This isn’t just a recording of the the manual itself …also exposed are other golden nuggets of information I accidentally let slip
  • Be sure to listen closely to my asides and ramblings
  • Now you can listen in the car or at work to further solidify your new skills


“Bonus “The NLP Sales Course Workbook” ($97 Value)”

  • For an extraordinarily limited time I am giving away the supplemental workbook to Dynamic Breakthroughs Live Sales Training
  • This workbook has never been offered to anyone except those who work with me directly or at our live training events
  • Like setting concrete, this workbook will give you rock solid understanding of the entire 5 Step NLP Sales Process


“Bonus “10 Tips For Using Twitter In Your Business Ebook ($47 value)”

  • Help your prospects find you online
  • Enlarge your network of qualified prospects
  • Make it dead-simple for your clients to refer you to other qualified leads


i think you already know if the nlp sales course is the right product for you

And I think the chances it holds the key to increasing your closing ratio is very good.

Now, I can almost hear your mind saying…

“How Much Is This Program Going To Cost Me?”

First, let me put into perspective exactly what you’re getting here…

Here’s a breakdown of everything you’re going to be getting:

Exclusive access to the NLP Sales Course Master Manual which consists of the 6 different totally unique content driven sections.

  1. An introduction to exactly what the 5 Step NLP Sales Course is and a brief history of NLP
  2. Step 1: How to instantly get in rapport with a prospect (the most important step in sales)
  3. Step 2: Exactly how and why asking the the correct questions will lead to a sale
  4. Step 3: Where to find your prospects need
  5. Step 4: How to link your prospects gut wrenching need to your product or service
  6. Step 5: Close that sale (and how to handle those pesky objections)

PLUS, all these exceptional free bonuses (worth $247) which perfectly compliment your training… including:

Audio Program Of The Entire Master Manual ($150 Value)

The “NLP Sales Course Workbook ($97 Value)

Now remember back when I discovered these techniques I had to attend the full NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification which entailed me enduring 28 full days of classes and cost me over $8000. I highly recommend becoming certified in NLP it made a dramatic difference in my life.

I’m guessing, you probably don’t have the time right now. And the price …Well as I told you, I’ve condensed all of the material you specifically need to sell better into a much more affordable, time sensitive solution.

you are not going to pay anywhere near what i paid to get my hands on this information

In fact, I could charge you the full regular price for each of the bonuses alone…

The bonuses which come with the NLP Sales Course are real products we offer for sale through different venues …not just some random bonuses we slapped together to make this offer more attractive to you.

With the bonuses alone, you’re getting up to $247 worth of training. And this is just the bonuses alone.

You’re not going to pay over $400 for the NLP Sales Course.

Or even $200…

got the sale

The cost for the entire package? Only $197 $97.

On Sale Now For $37

Now I can hear you thinking already…

Why am I practically giving this away at such a low price? It’s simple. This is the first time I’m releasing a product of this kind. So… I WANT to make it affordable for anyone in sales. I’d love to get this into the hands of anyone who reads this page.

I’m eliminating all excuses for you to NOT achieve the sales success you know you deserve this year. And you’ve got no worries because you have my personal guarantee…

NLP Sales Course Guarantee Certificate

I’m certain you’ll be “blown away” by both the quality and the power of this NLP Sales roadmap.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain… especially after you consider everything the NLP Sales Course will do for you!

The first step to make sales success a reality for you is to click on the order link in the box below and place your order:

Your Secure, Risk-Free Acceptance Form

Yes, Ryan I’m ready to increase my sales TODAY!I understand my satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with your no-questions-asked 60-day money back guarantee.After ordering the Course, I understand I will receive instant access to a password-Protected site so I can access everything immediately.Once in the password-protected site, I’ll immediately be able to access all of the incredible information… including:Exclusive access to the NLP Sales Course Master Manual which consists of the 6 different totally unique content driven sections Including:

  • An introduction to exactly what the 5 Step NLP Sales Course is and a brief history of NLP
  • Step 1: How to instantly get in rapport with a prospect (the most important step in sales)
  • Step 2: Exactly how and why asking the the correct questions will lead to a sale
  • Step 3: Where to find your prospects need
  • Step 4: How to link your prospects gut wrenching need to your product or service
  • Step 5: Close that sale (and how to handle those pesky objections)

PLUS, all these exceptional free bonuses (worth $247) which perfectly compliment your training… including:

Audio Program Of The Entire Master Manual ($150 Value)

The “NLP Sales Course Workbook ($97 Value)

And 10 Tips For Using Twitter In Your Business Ebook

I also understand my order will be processed on a totally secured server, and once it is processed, the NLP Sales Course and everything else above will be available for me to download immediately.

Finally, I also understand The NLP Sales Course comes with a 60 day, 100% no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

If for any reason I am not completely satisfied, I will receive a prompt 100% refund of the full purchase price.

The NLP Sales Course

Only $197

Only $97
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at this point I want you to ask yourself

blonde sales womanWhat are the two sides to sales success? And how can you ensure you have BOTH? When you look at a top producer who consistently breaks through his goals… they have BOTH sides.

However, one without the other ends up leaving you frustrated and struggling.

The first side is straight-forward.

Its the dedication and the want to excel. To hit your goals every month. To make a truckload of money.

However why do so many sales people even with a great attitude and work ethic still not see the results they want?

The second side is the missing ingredient. It’s your step by step plan to persuade and sell on the conscious and unconscious levels.

In the past you would have been sending one message to your prospect with your words and a completely different message with your body language, tonality, questions, and on and on.

Which is because there isn’t a person or program which revealed to you the true secrets of sales persuasion… until now.

So wouldn’t it make sense to follow a program which gives you the best, most powerful sales abilities available? The same techniques which were modeled from the greatest sales people of all time. This is what the NLP Sales Course will do for you, and I firmly believe it can quite possibly make you into the sales person you long to be.

I truly believe when you decide to invest in yourself, starting TODAY you will see a dramatic impact on your sales.

get started today


Ryan Camana MNLP,MHt, MTT, BA

P.S. As You Strongly Consider Ordering, Picture How Much Money Your Going To Make When You Order Today. You may be tempted to request more information rather than to just trust your gut and order now …beware: This information is highly inflammatory and I may increase the price or stop selling it at such a ridiculously low price at any time. We cannot be held responsible for changes in pricing or offerings.

P.P.S. Your satisfaction is of course guaranteed. If you don’t see the value in this information I’ve tested over the last 5 years and I reveal in The NLP Sales Course, return it for a full refund — no questions asked for a full 60 days. I’ve eliminated all the risk for you, so now you have nothing to lose. This is an investment in YOU!


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About the Author:

Ryan Camana MNLP, MHt, MTT, BA

Ryan Camana MNLP, MHt, MTT, BA

  • President and Founder of Dynamic Breakthroughs
  • Expert Author
  • 20 Years of Sales Success
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner
  • NLP Master Coach
  • Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Certified Master Practitioner of TIME Techniques™
  • Certified Trainer of TIME Techniques™
  • Certified Master Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Trainer of Hypnotherapy
  • Certified Master Success Coach
  • Certified in Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Board Certification by the International Board of Clinical Practitioners

(*Earnings Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of future earnings stated or implied, your earnings will vary based on your work ethic, market conditions, and other unforeseeable circumstances. Furthermore no specific closing ratio is guaranteed or implied. Your results are dependent on you applying the techniques you will learn in the course.  Happy Selling!)

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