Why Holiday Sales Hype Works… sometimes

Are you one of those people that are waiting in line at 4am for the stores to open on Black Friday.  Well you’re probably a perceiver.  What’s that mean for sales people, it means the easiest way to sell you is to have you believe that you’ll be missing out on an incredible deal.

But what about the other half of the people.  People who seem totally unaffected by sales.  These people are known as judgers.  To get a judger to buy something from you, you need to convince him that without buying a product or service his process will be incomplete.

Judgers are the type of people who go to the stores with a huge holiday shopping list, sorted by family relation, ages, and favorite color.  Until a judger gets everything on that list crossed off, their process won’t be complete.

When your’re selling this holiday season.  Tap into the judger’s need for closure.  You may find you have a much merrier Christmas!

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