When To Ask For The Close

First of all, why is it important to know when to ask for a close. Asking for the close too early in a sales presentation may be seen as pushy. Even worse is not asking for the close at all. When you know exactly when to ask for the close then you’ll be perceived as friendly, confident, knowledgeable and definitely someone who can be referred to the prospects associates, friends and family.

The fact is the majority of sales are lost because of a sales professionals lack of asking for the close. Whether asking for the close too early or not at all, the result is the same. No sale. Knowing when to ask for the close definitely helps increase your sales.

Back to the answer, the correct time to ask for the close is once you have convinced your client of the value of your product or service. If you have established enough value your prospect will be willing to purchase anything you’re selling.

The easiest way to determine if the client is ready to be closed is by using a test close. A test close is a way of “checking in” with the client to determine if enough value has been established.

The easiest way to determine if you’ve established value with a prospect is to ask directly. Do you see any value in this product? Does our service resonate with you? Does it feel like this may be a good fit for you?

Checking in with a test close is a great way to determine where your client sees himself in the sales process. If you haven’t established enough value, you’ll know because your client will tell you he’s not convinced yet. At this point you need to go back and discover exactly what it is that your client wants solved.

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