The Sales Mindset

There is definitely a sales mindset that you need to attain to have the highest success with sales. This mindset is of the utmost importance because it gives you the confidence and the belief that you can succeed. The proper sales mindset also gives you the feeling of doing an important and worthwhile job.

The word Sales comes from the norse word sala which means to serve. The best sales professionals see themselves not as a “sales person” but instead as “problem solvers.” They serve their prospects by solving problems that their prospects have. A good sales mindset is one where you are working with a prospect to help them obtain a solution to a problem they have.

To develop this mentality, one needs to shift his or her mindset from being pushy to using the natural tendency all people have to want to help others. Tap into that desire and start taking pleasure from really helping people and making a difference in their lives.

I have often worked with sales professionals that had a negative view of their own profession. I had this problem when I started as well. When I changed the focus to looking to help others, my sales became much more natural.   My belief has changed from that of a pushy sales guy to a highly paid expert consultant.  I can say it is definitely easier to sell when you resonate with your focus on helping solve problems rather than pushing for a number.

Yes I make a profit for helping people and I believe you should as well.  If you are out there helping other people to solve their problems you deserve to be richly rewarded.

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One Response to “The Sales Mindset”

  • Outstanding point Ryan! We are in the helping profession–helping to solve problems and change lives….Keep up the great work.


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