Sleight Of Mouth

Did you ever have one of those experiences where something you’ve used for quite some time suddenly took on a new light?  Working on the NLP Sales Course Master Manual last night I truly began to understand the power of Sleight of Mouth.  If you don’t know what Sleight of Mouth is, you are really missing out.  Sleight of Mouth created by Robert Dilts, is a pattern of 16 reframes that can be used for almost any sales objection.

Almost like a verbal Aikido, Sleight of Mouth takes the energy of the objection and turns it back onto the person that said it.  From my sales experience most objections are not well thought out.

Most objections tend to be a cry from the prospect for more value or a fear of buyers remorse raising its ugly head.  Sleight of Mouth allows you to have the prospect argue the merit of the objection, rather than the merit of your product or service.

I highly recommend, for any sales person, to make sure you have reframes for all of your common objections.  The faster and more fluidly you can answer a prospects objections, the more the prospect realizes that you are an expert and can be trusted.

Remember, people buy from people they trust.  When you have an expert status and you know the secrets to building instant trust, you can truly maximize your sales process.

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