Sales Resistance

Have you been running into clients that seem to have nothing but resistance to your sales proposals?  Are you feeling like your giving up sales and being sold rather than selling?  Does it sound like people are just hostile to your message?

Many of my clients have this issue.  They come to me saying they need help closing when in fact there’s a bigger problem.  In 90% of cases, as long as the sales person already knows how to sell, the problem is a lack of belief either in themselves or their product/service.

I can’t tell you how many sales people end up with mediocre results purely because of lack of belief.

The first person you have to sell is yourself.  Once you sell yourself both on your own abilities, and the worth of your product or service selling becomes much easier.  At this point sales comes down to learning the best techniques possible.

Sell yourself first, if you need help with this contact me directly.  Using NLP techniques we can change your beliefs much faster than you think possible.

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