NLP Techniques For Peak Performance

Can I use NLP techniques to improve my performance?

One of the best kept secrets of all successful performers is visualization.  There is a specific set of NLP technique visualizations that all successful performers use before a big event. The first step is the see yourself outside of your body making the perfect shot, the jump, the play, the recital, the close whatever the performance.  Notice every detail you possibly can from outside your body, this is called dissociated.  The second step is to visualize yourself doing the performance from inside your body.  Just imagine doing the action perfectly.  Feeling what you would be feeling, hearing what you would be hearing, seeing what you would be seeing as if you were doing the actions.  The third step is to do the performance or action in real life.

So a real life example.  If Tiger Woods wanted to sink a put.  First he would imagine seeing himself sink the put perfectly.  Then he would imagine being in his body and again sinking the put perfectly.  Then he would step up and sink the put.  This works for any type of performance.  Sports, tests, concerts, speaking engagements, sales calls, and even marriage proposals.  It allows your unconscious mind the map of exactly what you want it to accomplish.

Its a known fact, that you have to imagine something before successfully accomplishing a task.  With NLP techniques you can easily and effortlessly access the “minds eye,” with much greater clarity.  By using the power of your unconscious mind, your performance will be exponentially better.

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  • i just love your blogging… are right on. thanks for being the host next week . i really believe these mastermind meetings and seminars are gong to help everyone.! thank you so much ryan

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