Nephelococcygia: Hypnotic Practice for Success

Checking out google today I found a word for something I never even knew there was a word for.  Nephelococcygia is the word for cloud gazing.  Cloud gazing is an interesting test of the minds ability to see patterns.  Our unconscious is constantly arranging all the millions of bits of information we are receiving into discernible patterns. When people stare up at the clouds and imagine that they see various shapes, animals or people, it is merely the unconscious mind trying to recognize patterns.

According to some internet rumors Fidel Castro died of this very practice.  Now I don’t believe anyone could actually die from this but it is excellent practice for creating vivid imagery.  In fact, the more you practice creating vivid imagery of how you want your future to look the more likely it will come about.  With the unconscious mind constantly looking for patterns, it can and will find what you vividly imagine.  The more you practice this seeing patterns the more synchronicity you’ll notice in your life.  Synchronicity meaning things just seem to happen to you.  Like being in the right place at the right time.  Its not that oppurtunity wasn’t there before.  The problem was you just didn’t notice it.  Your unconscious needs you to instruct it to find what it is your looking for.

So go out and stare at some clouds.  It will put you in a nice relaxed, hypnotic state and then vividly imagine your future.  You’ll notice good things start to happen for you.

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