NLP Technique For Positive Thinking

How would you like a simple way to stop negative thinking instantly. This NLP technique uses your physiology to affect your thinking. Wouldn’t it be nice to do one movement and stop all those negative thoughts. ...

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Hypnosis and NLP For Pain Relief?

According to a story posted on the BBC website, doctors are effectively treating children with hypnosis for pain relief. ...

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The Secret To Better Habits

I always hated how all these books tell you that all you have to do to create a good habit is to do some action for 20, 25, 30 days straight. Whatever that number is. ...

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NLP Presuppositions To Better Sales

I’ll let you know it holds even more weight in sales. I can’t tell you the amount of times that I’ve been able to help someone with my services even though they cost more than other offerings out there. ...

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NLP Techniques For Peak Performance

One of the best kept secrets of all successful performers is visualization. There is a specific set of NLP technique visualizations that all successful performers use before a big event. ...

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How to Use Conversational Hypnosis in Sales

Conversational hypnosis or NLP Hypnosis has one of those eery rings to it. The term sounds like you’ll be putting someone under your spell. ...

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What’s Your Story?

Since studying NLP and hypnosis I’ve come to believe anyone can be great. I’ve seen it over and over with my own eyes. So why are they out there on the street instead of living a life of abundance? I finally realized this was what was really bothe...

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