How Is A Goal A Goal?

I want to be happy is not specific. Happy is a feeling. You can have the feeling of happiness any time you want. Just… ...

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NLP Sales: 5 Principles for Success Cont.

Sensory acuity means to pay attention to the reactions of those around you. Pay attention to your prospects. What are they reacting favorably too. What is creating the outcome in them that you want to occur. ...

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NLP Sales: 5 Principles for Success

1.  Know your outcome You need to plan out what you want to occur.  If you leave something up to chance than that is the outcome you’ll most likely receive.  For example, you have the outcome to make more money.  Seems like a good outcome, doesn̵...

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Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

I used to believe “I am 6 years old.” I no longer believe that. But I did at one time. So how can you tap into that great power of your mind to change beliefs about yourself to make yourself more confident? ...

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NLP Sales Technique: Cause or Effect Part 2

The question that begs to be answered is how to be at cause.  To be at cause means that you accept the responsibility of your life.  Instead of letting other people or circumstances determine your life.  For instance, when I was ...

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NLP Sales: Cause or Effect Part 1

How would you like to feel totally in control of your life? To have that sense that everything is at it should be. ...

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Quick NLP Sales Tip

Imagine if you will, that you are in an airplane looking out that tiny little window they provide. When you look out that window, ...

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