Sleight Of Mouth

Working on the NLP Sales Course Master Manual last night I truly began to understand the power of Sleight of Mouth. If you don’t know what Sleight of Mouth is, you are really missing out. Sleight of Mouth created by Robert Dilts, is a pattern of 16 ref...

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Why Holiday Sales Hype Works… sometimes

Are you one of those people that are waiting in line at 4am for the stores to open on Black Friday.  Well you’re probably a perceiver.  What’s that mean for sales people, it means the easiest way to sell you is to have you believe that you’...

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Nephelococcygia: Hypnotic Practice for Success

Checking out google today I found a word for something I never even knew there was a word for. Nephelococcygia is the word for cloud gazing. Cloud gazing is an interesting test of the minds ability to see patterns. ...

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NLP Sales: The Best Handshake

How about the mental aspects. Well that’s where NLP comes in. A couple of tips I use for shaking hands. Make sure you are thinking a pleasant thought. Something that makes you happy. When someone meets you, they unconsciously begin to get in rapport...

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Conversational Hypnosis

Lets start with something overtly hypnotic, “As your thoughts are slowing your muscles are relaxing and as your muscles relax your thoughts are slowing.” In that example I used the word “as” and “and” to link the two differ...

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How To Positively Persuade

How would you like to persuade yourself and others with the utmost of ease? To have that seemingly uncanny ability to get yourself and others to do what you want. Whether you are trying to persuade yourself or others, there is right way and a wrong way. The...

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Future Journal for Law of Attraction

Whether you believe in the metaphysical or not, the law of attraction does work. Say you don’t believe in the metaphysical. Lets look at it from the standpoint of your mind. Millions and ...

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